Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Foodie Pen Pal

So this is now my forth month participating in Foodie Pen Pals hosted by the wonderful Lindsay...

For a look back at all my past wonderful packages... October, November, December

I just want to say I have enjoyed all the packages I have received but I will say this has been by far my favorite.. My Package came from Tory, a reader. The reason this has been my favorite package is because Tory is from my hometown... and she spent a day shopping at my favorite place in my hometown to send me a package of wonderful goodies from... you guessed it MY HOMETOWN!

If you have never read my blog I am a Pittsburgh girl and there is nothing like food shopping in Pittsburgh. In downtown Pitt. there is the Strip District, where you will find tons of mom and pop places that have been around for DECADES... One of my favorite places to go is the Pennsylvania Macaroni Company. When I drive to PA I always take a cooler with me so ic an bring home my favorites from Penn Mac. They have all of my favorite Italian cooking ingredients...
2011 trip home... Penn Mac Bulk oil section!!!

Besides Penn Mac you will find all sorts of specialty shops.  Presto George which is where I buy my coffee to bring back to FL,  Fudgy Wudgy where the handmade candies are to die for, Pittsburgh Popcorn where you can find everything from regular popcorn to peanut butter chocolate, you of course will also find countless amount of stores selling Pittsburgh (Steelers, Pirates, Penguins...) Memorabilia. So when Tory told me she was from Pittsburgh and she was headed to the Strip to shop for my package I knew it would be EPIC!!!!

So here is what I got... my taste of home

First off Tory sent me the cutest card that was filled on both sides inside and on the back... talk about super friendly.

And here comes the good amazing stuff!

First bag I pulled out brought an instant smile to my face.  I love Popcorn and I knew this was not going to be an ordinary Popcorn. Tory picked me up some zesty ranch popcorn. I dumped this in a rubber maid thinking it would last long enough that it may possibly get stale... HAHA who was I kidding? Brian and I downed this in the first 3 days (with a few samples taken by my mom and sister) ... I guess you could say it was good.

 Next up came flavored Quinoa. I have not found any here but Tory picked it up at Penn Mac. <--- go figure :o) I have not yet tried this because I am using up the Quinoa that is already in my pantry but I am excited about it... Plus it only takes 15 min... EVEN BETTER!

  This one makes me smile and cry all at once... I am a Pittsburgh girl so I by default am I STEELER GIRL!!! Tory picked me up these amazing knee highs (was it the store on the corner run by the amazingly cute Asian family?) in hopes of superbowl partying. Unfortunately we lost in the playoffs right before she sent my package... I am still a little bitter so please refrain from any mean comments LOL. I sooooo look fwd. to rocking these next year with one of my many jerseys, steeler bag, hats, scarfs, blankets... and everything else fun that I can find...                                                                     Side note:  My sister and I have a tradition that whenever we make it to the AFC championship we strike a particular pose... so I could add it to the outfit... (pose below) we also decided in 2010 when we won the AFC championship we were driving to PA to watch the Pitt Baltimore game.... Ya we are those fans HAHA ok so I am way off topic but now you understand why I love them so much

2010 (left): custom Hines Ward Rookie jersey Won the SuperBowl!!!
2011(right): Lost to Green Bay in the SuperBowl

Ok back to the actual food HAHA. Next up was COFFEE!!!! I am a coffee lover.. I am not one of those people who need coffee, once I am awake I am awake all day... I seriously just love the taste. I didnt really start drinking coffee until my Sr. year in college and I was hanging out with my sister a lot in the AM. Tory sent me two different types. I have tried the Morning blend which I loved, but I am saving the vanilla to try with my mom (she likes the flavored ones... me not so much) Tory also may have mentioned sending me some coffee from my favorite place in the whole world Presto George <--- you can order online!!! So if she is still planning on it my mailbox is very welcoming haha

 The last food item in my box was chicago steak seasoning from Penzeys Spice.. another amazing little shop! Brian has used this to Grill and he loves it! That is his department not mine LOL

My favorite thing in the box was not a food item (or steeler related) but it was probably the most thoughtful gift of all. I keep it in my wallet at all times and it makes me smile no matter what. I know its not the expected reaction to this gift but it was mine... and it is my box so I WIN!!!

It is one of those souvenir smashed pennies. This one is from the Duquesne Incline. Tory didn't know this but one of my favorite places to be is on the top of Mt. Washington looking over the city. My dad used to take us up there and I still go back every time I am home. It is so peaceful and there are so many memories. My grandfather was VP of Ambridge and US Steel and is responsible for much of the downtown area so looking over it from above (especially at night) is breath taking. It is my favorite place in the USA!!!

my favorite view and my favorite boy!!!
nothing better than this view

2 of my sisters and me

 Ok I will leave you alone now and quit with the pictures HAHA But i would like to throw out another THANK YOU!!! to Tory and a thank you to Lindsey for hosting this amazing Pen Pal ( can I get another Pittsburgher again? PLEASE hahaha jk)

So if you interested in joining next months Foodie Pen Pals (and you do not have to be a blogger) 
 send  an email to Lindsay at theleangreenbean@gmail.com and include the following information:
-Your full name
-Your email address
-Your blog name/address (if applicable)
-Your twitter handle (if applicable)
let her know by February 4th as pairings will be emailed on February 5th!

Ciao with love from HOME



  1. What a fantastic box and so very lucky that you got it from your home town :)

  2. yay!!!! you got such good stuff :) love those knee highs!

  3. How cool to get someone from your hometown!