Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What I ate Wednesday v16 Recovering after the Holidays

 The holidays are over and that makes me sad!!!! :o( I love the holidays and refuse to pack up all my xmas stuff at the moment lol. Oh well... the end to the holidays mean my mind and body (mainly my waist) get to recovery :o)

So this weeks WIAW is brought to you courtesy of my stomach in much need of a break from super rich and high calorie foods I have been indulging on. Here are some oldies but goodies
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Monday marked day 1 of getting back on track. It also marked the last day of my 2 week vacation away from my little kiddos. Excuse me for sounding like a grump and ungrateful but I was/am not ready to be back at work with my amazingly talkative 7-8 yr olds.

Why is it that kids can be in school for 16 weeks, following the same rules, following the same routine day in and day out but when they are gone for more than 48 hours they completely revert back to day 1 and the "training" starts all over again. Oh well they are fun nonetheless.

Our morning started with Fresh Fruit Muesli and coffee

Snack: Dried pineapple and pecans
After a awesome
gym workout and a start to my 10K training. I made a protein smoothie using Kombucha Gingerade, frozen berries, oatmeal, ground flax seed, spinach and a splash of coconut water.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Lunch: (not pictured) Healthy Tuna salad (no mayo) on top of some Crunchmaster (GF) crackers. And nibbled on some broccoli and homemade chipotle dip.

Dinner was super yummy. Brian grilled some salmon while I put together the roasted butternut squash and tomato barley salad.  Served next to butternut squash and crab soup (courtesy of Whole Foods). Followed by dessert: cottage cheese topped with pomegranate!!! YUMMMMM

That is all. My belly was filled with healthy food and I was set for bed... but not quite ready to go back to work. Oh well all good things must come to an end right? Oh no... cough cough, I think I am coming down with something... is there a "sick" day in my future tehe

One last thing.... Last call for my giveaway. It ends Friday Jan 6th
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Ciao and happy healthy bellies



  1. I feel so left out.. I keep seeing Kombucha here in Blog World and am dying to try it! Wish it was sold here in Germany!
    Loving your dessert!

  2. I just found it Shannon. It take a bit getting used to but I like it. Trying to figure out which flavors I like. Ill trade you the Tea for living in Germany LOL