Monday, January 30, 2012

Today I honor...

MY DADDY!!! Yes that's right I can still say daddy even though I know longer where ruffly socks and underwear with the days of the week printed on them... which I will be honest never actually made it on my person on the correct day... OH WELL I digress..

I honor my dad today because 5 years ago today I (and my family) unexpectedly lost him. He was the most amazing man that will ever roam this earth! I recently wrote a blog about him on his birthday... check it out here.

The day I found out my father past away I left school, went to my sisters and my brother, sister and I drove to Orlando to be with my mom. Our other 2 sisters were already here. I didn't feel like talking, and when I get upset I write. I ended up writing a little poem which I later added to the back of some old pictures (like the one above) of my dad to give out at the funeral. This is what it said:

December 5th 1949
If only we could see you once more
You always had us rolling on the floor

To us, you were the best dad
With a laugh no one else had

You will be greatly missed 
Mom will never forget how it felt when you kissed

We wish you were here
But God must have needed you there

because when everything seemed wrong
We knew we could count on you to be strong

Now you are gone and we are sad
But we promise to never forget OUR DAD

January 30th 2007
I keep this in my wallet at all times and it makes me smile when I have a bad day. He was an amazing man and is greatly missed. 

Never forget to tell your family, especially your parents how much you love and care about them!

Ciao, thinking about my dad



  1. awww thinking of you and your family today! xoxo

  2. love you and dad would be very proud of the women you have become and the amazing guy you have in your life.

    1. WOMAN!!! wow I am a dum dum

  3. HAHA It's ok I got it! Thank you! Dad would be proud of you and shake his head at the fact you have 3 babies LOL but you know those kids would be SOOOOO SPOILED