Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WIAWv18.. My count down to 100!!

Thanks to Jen for hosting one of my favorite days of the week...

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Why is it one of my favorites? Because I get to see all the people out there that are just as anal about food as I am. At work everyone looks at me like I am odd when i pull out my pre measured meals... they think its odd that I eat 7 times a day (give or take) but on Wednesday I feel NORMAL!!!! I know its not just me and all of the other bloggers probably get odd looks just as much as I do when they pull their snacks out of the bags while on a shopping spree.... or is that just me? 

I am also pretty excited because I am almost on my 100th blog!!!! I started back in September and man I have had fun, and learned a lot.. but I am still learning a lot about this whole blog thing LOL In Honor of my 100th blog I will be having a FANTASTIC GIVEAWAY!!! I also have a chance to get an extra entry on my killer workout post from yesterday. I also have another way to earn an extra entry at the end of this post... so if you do both you can earn 2 additional entries!

Anyways lets get started with the food... 

My day started with a 5am workout... Just weights no cardio... I did an insanity video the night before so i was set :o)
6am: Proatmeal with a dollop of all natural PB and coffee with honey and agave... no cream for this girl
9am: Cashew Lara bar
11:30am: grilled chicken, spinach apple wrap with a Banana  ( I forgot to take a picture... FAIL)
          - take a whole wheat wrap and spreadwith a thin layer of goat cheese. Place on grilled chicken, top with thin sliced granny smith apples, spinach and a little vinaigrette and enjoy
1pm a few swigs of my Naked
1:45pm Cottage cheese
4pm- Finshed up my Naked
6pm Tofu Scramble  This is a must try for an vegetarians out there.. or those who like tofu
7:30pm munched on a few honey mini wheats

 Taz wanted to hangout with out after dinner...I know I am biased but he is so freaking cute

OK So not that we are passed the food portion here goes the possibility to earn some extra entries into the awesome giveaway. 

I just got my package in the Mail for my next giveaway> I am saving it for the 100th blog but here is a sneak peak. 
Can you tell what it is? If so here is your chance for an additional entry... The first 2 people to guess the giveway get an entry.. also the person who has the most creative use for this product (if you can figure it out) will get an additional entry. So if you are 1st or second and have the most creative use you get 2 extra entries :o)

Hope you enjoyed all the food and the clues to greatness that is my next giveaway

Ciao and food love


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