Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tater Tuesday v4

MAN OH MAN have I been slacking. I was so into the Tater Tuesdays until the holidays snuck into my life and then I was on to more demanding meals and more mouths to feed. Well I am back with a new Tater for your taste buds...

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Brian got to choose this one... so with a few healthier options made I gladly prepared his Tater of choice.

This was probably the easiest tater to date.

First I baked the potatoes... Once I pulled them out of the oven I wrapped them in foil to keep the heat in... I didn't want them to get cold while I finished the fixins

 Turkey bacon was substituted for regular bacon.
 I thought about making only egg whites but figured one yolk would kill me.

Once the "bacon" and egg were complete I mixed in a little fat free sour cream (no butter) a little salt and pepper and then topped it with the bacon and egg.

 Don't get me wrong... I thought this was an odd combo when Brian choose it, but hey I give the boy what he wants... and I have to admit, although not my favorite, it was quite yummy.

Ciao and Bacon and Eggs



  1. I definitely want to try that. I'm on a new kick of fried eggs topping my food, but its usually egg whites that are just in the pan with a little Pam instead of oil. Yummy potato!