Saturday, January 21, 2012

What is Healthy?

As I sit at work (2nd job) I have been pondering... What is Healthy?

If you are new to my Blog I am a full time Teacher but I work a part time job at my local YMCA. You see all types of people come in and out of these doors on a daily basis.... people you see everyday at the same exact time, people that wander in every few days, hardcore tri-athletes, yoga junkies... So on and so forth.

As I sit and "people" watch... I started thinking about their perceptions of healthy, then I began to think about my own...

My Idea of healthy is not just physical... now don't get me wrong I definitely have those days when I wake up and feel "fat" and my whole day never really feels like it got started... but that’s not an everyday occurrence (if it is you may want to think about kick starting a fitness routine)

What I value important may be way off base for most people...

1) I believe in WORKING OUT, and working out a lot. I like to get in 5-6 days a week of physical activity. Weather it is weights (and yes I go heavy), a run, an insanity video, or just a workout I made up in minutes at home.

2) I believe in HEALTHY EATING, scheduling meals, a balanced diet... For me it is much easier to know exactly what I am eating then to decide on the spot, I tend to make less healthy decisions when I make my meals when I am hungry LOL. To see a typical week of food for me check out my blog on scheduled meals. This also includes all the time I spend in the kitchen cooking these meals. I always have a sense of calm about me when I am cooking or baking.

3) SPLURGE! I know I know.. I just got done saying schedule meals, eat healthy, balanced diet... but what fun is all of that if you can't OCASSIONALLY enjoy the benefits of your hard work. Here is where peoples ideas become very skewed... A splurge is not an every day occurance... You can not come home from working out and eat a piece of cake every night (well technically you can and who am I to tell you not to?). You can however pick one day of the week and have a splurge meal. I usually choose Saturday Dinners as my splurge for the week. All week I work teaching kids, I tutor and I work at the Y so Saturday night is my night to enjoy a not so planned meal with Brian. If I want a glass of wine, I order it, if I want dessert WE SPLIT IT... even though it is a Splurge meal I still tend to make healthy choices and if it is something that I know is way past a normal calorie count for me I split it with Brian or I take half home. Just be conscious of all the hard work you put in that week...
I got caught eating cake and drinking Sangria at my mothers Surprise Bday party

4) LAUGHING is a big deal to me... as silly as it sounds my metal healthy depends greatly on the amount of laughter in my day. My stress levels do not seem to effect me as long as I can still keep a sense of humor about most situations. If I am not laughing or smiling you know there is something not quite right going on in my day.

5) Family! Yes I am aware how cliche this sounds but its true. I am the youngest of 5 kids and have 5 adorable nephews/nieces. Family get togethers are by far my absolute  favorite times of year.  We are very close knit family and have tons of fun all the time.
To me healthy is my intense hours I put into working out, the crazy meal schedules I make, enjoying nights out laughing and splurging, and always cherishing my time spent with Brian and my Family.  To me the mind and body work as one and both need to be "healthy" to enjoy your time fully on this wonderful planet we live on.

I know that was super long but that is my thoughts of being healthy in a nutshell... worrying about the size of clothes was not mentioned. I know if all 5 of these come together I will be happy with myself and looking at a number  on the inside of my pants has nothing to do with it... it is an added perk :o)

What is your idea of being healthy?

Ciao and wishing you "health"



  1. I really like your blog--it shows how living healthy is about balance and not about deprivation of all things good.

  2. Thanx Kelly... You always should reward yourself. Just have to remember the key word "motivation"