Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Superset: Quick Gym workout

I have been doing some awesome workouts lately but I have not been blogging about them: FAIL!!!

So here is a quick workout to get done at the gym when you are really short on time...

Superset: pick a few exercises to target similar body parts, decide on the exercise and do the sets back to back with no rest until all muscles are hit. After all muscles are hit take a 30-45 sec break then hit it again. Each Set is done 3 times

Superset 1:
Overhead lat pull down 10 reps
seated rows 10reps
pushups 10 reps
Do not rest between exercise between exercises... 

I like to switch between upper body and lower body between each superset so I can regain some energy 

Superset 2:

Free squats 12-15 reps (I didnt go to heavy, just a 45 on each side)
*Uneven lunges on a bosu ball (flat side up) with a 25 pound bar held chest level 10-12 reps

*For uneven lunges use the same motion found blog on no excuses... except instead of stairs you are using the bosu

Superset 3:
Low Row 12 reps
single shoulder press 12reps each arm

Then I finished with leg press... my normal progressive weight ( I believe in going heavy)

set1- 45lb each side- 12 reps- one leg then switch
set2- 90lbs each side- 12 reps (both legs... I am not that good)
set3- 135 each side- 12 reps
set4- 180 each side- 10 reps
set5- 225 each side- 8 reps

set6- 260 each side 6-8 reps

This is a super quick workout but hits major muscles which will give you a great work out and burn some major calories.

Take what you want, alter it to fit your needs but I love doing a short to the point workout at least once a week.

Ciao and supersets



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