Thursday, January 5, 2012

This Tired!!! Really??

So apparently the stress (which is no gone but was there at the start of the work week) of my evaluation at work, and lack of sleep have caught up with me. I mean what grown up is ready for bed at 7pm? Well I totally was today.

Well right now it is 9:17pm and I have already fallen asleep up stairs watching TV. At least I had a super cute sleep buddy... who doesn't care what time it is, he will sleep anytime...

Brian is out for the night so I have nothing to do... I refuse to grade papers so once I finished working out, running and eating dinner I was done for the night LOL

So with this super cute little man laying next to me and Big Bang theory on the TV I was out. So I guess now it is time for bed.

Just thought I would share my sad, exciting evening with you lol.
So from me and my cute little man GOOD NIGHT!!!
I love this face!

Ciao and early bed time


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