Monday, January 16, 2012

The Naked Truth... Secrets exposed...

I was sitting around today enjoying my day off and started looking around realizing all of my idiosyncrasies that I could share...

why you ask? I have no idea I just thought it was funny...

1. I prefer to eat my yogurt with a baby spoon
2. My closet is organized by type of clothes, then color of clothes... but I cant seem to organize any paperwork that is important.

3. I own more heels than anyone I know, but I can never seem to find a pair of shoes

*side note: that's not all of them... sad I know

4. I own 12 steeler jersey's but wear the same one every Sunday
*side note agian: Its always a Hines ward jersey... I am not quite sure I have spent
money on others.

5.  I have a specially made Hines Ward Jersey... which has his rookie number... they never made that jersey.

 Circa 2008

6. Those jerseys are accompanied by the likes of Ann Taylor, DKNY, BCBG, Guess, Anthropologie... They always seem very out of place in the closet.... but I am ok with that

7. I stare at the fridge... walk to the pantry... go back to the fridge... but I always end up grabbing an apple and PB. Why do I try to change?

8. I love clothes and shoes... and I buy a lot, but Id rather stay in sweats all day

I know there are more, but I am drawing a blank and dinner is on the stove.. I should probably pay attention to that as well.

What weird things do you do? 

Ciao and my idiosyncrasies


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