Thursday, January 26, 2012

Getting Back on Track

I recently wrote about my desire to become a distance runner... well I can't really say it's a desire, more of a self challenge. I started off great and motivated when I wrote my post from weights to road. I was on track, I was feeling good, and I was... wait for it... even beginning to enjoy it.. GASP!

And then it happened... the one thing that could derail my progress. I got an awful chest cold, which caused an uncontrollable, incredibly painful cough. That wouldn't have been the death of me except for the fact that I am one of those few adults that never outgrew their Asthma. Chest colds for me = garlic for vampires... or so I have been told.

It's been to weeks and I am almost back to my good old, only sometimes able to breath self. So after my second straight day of working 12+ hours I decided to hit the road. I only went for a 2 mile run but I was pretty pleased. I ended my two miles in 17'38. I know to some of you avid runners out there that is nothing but hey I was happy with it and that is all that matters.

So Monday I will be getting back to my 10k training, but I can't promise I will enjoy it :o)

Ciao and trying to run


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  1. i started to train for a half marathon this year in italy and i had not run properly in a while so like you its a big new start for me. good luck with your training and keep us posted! nice to have found ur blog