Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Guest Post... Food PenPal

This month I was paired up to send my box of goodies to Laura. Since Laura isn't a blogger I told her she was more than welcome to do a guest post on her box. (only if she wrote good things HAHA JK)

It was funny reading this because Lara ended up doing something pretty similar with her Coconut water I sent that i do for parties...

So here is what Laura got for her first time participating in Lindsey's food pen pal exchange ...

 Alexis at fitpossible.blogspot.com was my foodie pen pal. She is really into eating healthy. We all are, especially at this time of year. The guilt will eat us ALIVE!!
I’m into the "idea" of eating healthy and working a program! But I don't do it. I fall into my own sloppy habits of several glasses of chardonnay and mashed potatoes and gravy..
Yes I can be better. But I am lazy!!

 I had just celebrated my birthday so in my sweet card that she HAND MADE she told me what was up for my package: which was:
 First she acknowledged my birthday!

I didn’t get a very good pic of her recipe but it is awesome!

It's Granola Bark, What a tasty treat! It would be a nice replacement for that chocolate I crave in the middle of the night.  What is Granola Bark, you ask? It contains a lot of different ingredients assorted nuts, assorted fruits, chocolate and cinnamon.  It’s a great snack to fill u up throughout the day. She sent me some to try and then a recipe for it. I had a piece by my bedside and my cat went CRAZY! Not sure what she liked in it. BUT there was somethin’! She was actually eating it. I heard a crunch and then went what are you doing? I took it away but she was sniffing and meowing.
 Alexis sent me some bomb ass-(can we cuss?) Coconut lemon lime flavored water. I like the idea of flavored water. It’s usually too sweet BUT.... I found a way to make this water work for me! It’s very hydrating also. 3 parts vodka 2 shots coconut water and a FRESH squeeze of grapefruit from our friends tree. It was perfect! I will finish off the rest after a nice hike at our local Mountain.

 Then there were these Pomegranate White Tea Gummy Bear things. Not a fan of gummy bears but these were really addicting!! I had one. I thought naw. Then I wanted another. Next thing ya know I ate several and felt like I had a Snickers! I was satisfied-minus chocolate.
The next thing was some Lavish  chocolate oatmeal. First off let me say she didn’t know I was a chocolate fiend!! But I tried it and it wasn’t bad. I have a very creative mind and I think oatmeal should be left alone. I don’t like my granola chocolate flavored though. So I have 2 new plans for it. Add to Granola Bark recipe she sent and add it to a cookie recipe that I have.
Then there were Mulberry treats-claiming high fiber and it’s a super food!! Those were weird but then I liked them. Like a coated raisin.  I almost put em in my steel cut oats! Hmm. I will
try that tomorrow!

So I need an apple for the next one! Justin’s Almond Butter and Chocolate hazelnut butter. It’s healthy, organic peanut butter. I actually just opened a package and ate the whole thing! I sucked it right out of the pack. It was the best thing ever!! I looked it up online to see where I could buy it locally. Luckily they sell it at our local Sprouts store. Thank god! I see a new addiction coming on!

It was my first foodie pen pal experience and I thought it was awesome! I will definitely do it again!
Thanks Alexis for turning me onto some very yummy items!

And there you have it. Laura's first Foodie Pen Pal experience and guest blog...

- Alexis

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