Monday, January 2, 2012

From Weights to Road! wk 1

Today was Day 1 of my 10k challenge to myself! I have to say I am feeling good... may even go for a bike ride later.

A week or so ago I wrote about becoming a runner  and today was day 1 of that venture. I have to say it went pretty well and was pretty easy ( I am an active person already so it wasn't much for me)

I started my afternoon at the gym ( I will never actually ever leave the gym... just alter some workouts) with a High Intensity full body workout. My arms were dying in between sets but I was determined to get through my first weight workout of the new year... and I KILLED IT... not to toot my own horn... well actually TOOT TOOT! :o)

Then I was headed back home to start the venture into becoming a runner.

I altered the week one version of from couch to 10k, I only did this because I am already active, but if you are knew to working out follow it to the T so you are not discouraged.

The workout I found said for week 1 you should find a local track (or measure 1/4 of a mile around your area)  and run/jog half a lap, walk half a lap. Do this for 1 mile. This means you would have switched 8 times between running/jogging and walking.

My version: run 1/4 a mile, walk 1/4 a mile, run 1/4 a mile, walk 1/4 a mile DONE! 

I have to say I was very tempted to just keep running since I mile for me is not a hard run, but I decided to stick to the workout and see how it turns out by week 10.              

I will post the workouts each week in case you decide you want to join me on my little venture into the running world. 

Ciao from the road


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