Sunday, January 1, 2012

Scheduled Meals Return



I know a lot of people have made the resolution (like always) to get in shape this year. Here is one easy step to help you on your journey... SCHEDULING, SCHEDULING, SCHEDULING!!!!

I have mentioned before how important schedules are in my life. For me sitting down for an hour and setting up all my meals (or most of them) for the upcoming week is well worth it. Knowing exactly what I should be eating eliminates the mindless snaking that occurs when I get bored or hungry.

So with my vacation coming to an end, and  all the indulgences that have occurred in the past 2 weeks (Christmas, my birthday, and NYE) making me feel lethargic, I am ready to get back on track.

I make it pretty easy for myself, I create a spread sheet with all the days of the week and 7 scheduled meals a day.

There are some blanks to account for possible leftovers, not being home or lack of creativity :o)

I keep this schedule on my fridge all week... This helps if I am tempted to snack, every time I open the fridge I have to see exactly what I should be eating. Also I tend to work pretty long hours during the week so a lot of these meals have to be made "to go". I tend to put together most of these meals the night before so I just have to grab and go in the morning.

Do you like to schedule your meals? Does it really work for you?

Ciao and happy scheduling


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