Sunday, January 15, 2012

World Trail here we come.....

So I am here with another workout... YEP I AM ON A ROLL lol
I have a saying, a couple that workouts together stays together. To me working out is a big part of my life and having someone who shares that same interest is very important to me. So when we can, we like to workout together, whether we are at the gym or doing sprints outside we get to have that time to bond and have fun doing something we both love.

I LOVE WORKING OUT  OUTSIDE and not always being stuck in a gym, but being that I live in Florida it is not always fun working out outside... the weather does not always agree. However this weekend the thermometer hit 45 degrees and I was ready to go outside. So we headed over to world trail, which we re-named it muscle park :o) , and got our workout on.

World Trail is a half mile loop around a lake and has a different station every 100yds... Here is what we did

Lap one- Warm up and planning our workout

Here is a recap of what we did... with pictures to add :o)

First stop was iso. squats. 30 second hold... 

 Next station was a two part-er. We used the shortest bar for full sit ups (not crunches) set=25

 The tall bar was used for uneven push ups. Set=10 each arm. After we both completed both exercises we were off running to the next station...

My favorite was next: Tuck jumps. There are three bars set up and we jump over all 3 then back to the start so its a total of six jumps per set. You want to try to get as high as possible and use your abs to pull in your knees. You will work your legs and core all at once. MAKE SURE TO LAND SOFT!!! You don't want to hurt yourself. 

 I hate dips.. but they have to be done. I refuse to have the arm wave when I get older (ladies know what I am talking about). We only did 5 dips per set  because we already did 20 pushups and still had pull ups coming up. 

Leg lifts to work your lower abs. Laying at an incline bring legs straight up, keeping them together ( do not let your feet go over your head) bring your legs down and hover over the table, you don't want to rest your legs because then you are no longer engaging those lower abs. Set=12

*We are almost done... keep in mind this hasn't even been a lap and almost every major muscle has been hit. 

Next stop is my least favorite... I do them at the gym I do them at home but I still hate doing them....

 Pull ups. Brian likes wide pull ups ( I think it's a Navy thing) I prefer my hands closer together. Anywho... Our set was only 5 but I still hate them LOL 

 I am ok with the pull ups because then it means my favorite station is up next. I like having the three different leveled platforms. I get to focus on a different exercise on each one, but still engage the core because you are forced to balance.

 Lowest level are used for Glutes. While balancing on one leg take the other leg off the ground slowly lift the leg as high as you can to target the glutes. set=10 one leg... then go to the next level platform
The next platform is used to work/tone the abductor (To prevent saddle bags LOL)
Set=10 one leg... then off to the next platform

Lastly, on the highest platform is the uneven lunge. I LOVE the uneven lunge... check out my favorite past blog about it here.  Start in a lunge position and use your core to help bring the back leg through. Return the leg to the ground, only alowing your toe (not the entire foot) to touch the ground. Then pull it back through. Set=10 one leg

After you have made it through all 3 platforms, go around for a second time using the other leg. (don't forget to work all sides equally) 

 The last station is a balance beam which I deemed squat bar... LOL Start with an uneven squat, bring the foot that was on the ground onto the bar then squat on the other side. Go all the way down the bar switching legs each time.
*This was the last station but we brought our med. ball for a little more "fun"*

 Start standing up, jump into a plank position, go down into a push up

Use your core to jump feet forward.  Come up, pass the ball to your partner (if you have one) jump fwd in a squat position and repeat 5 times. 

We did the loop 3 times and ended with a cool down lap. Brian apparently wanted to throw the med ball at me by the end. :o)

 It was a good workout, we got to hang out together, and the weather was AWESOME. It can be 45 degrees out any day as far as I am concerned. 

I know it was a long post but I wanted to share my fun outdoor workout with you!!

Ciao from "Muscle Park"


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