Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WIAW v17 Polish Fest!!!! And a Giveway

I CAN'T BELIEVE I MISSED A WEEK!!! I was so out of it last week that I totally forgot to post... and for my lack of WIAW last week I am coming back in full force and even throwing in an AMAZING GIVEAWAY!!! I guess my slacking paid off for you! 

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Let's start with the Polish Food Fest!
So last weekend was my Sister's Boyfriends Birthday...Did you get that? He is originally from Poland and has decided his Birthdays from here on out are going to big, fun, loud, drunk and POLISH lol 

So after work Saturday I ran home, worked out and got ready for our drive to Tampa to celebrate the Birth de Jake. I arrived to open arms.... and open mouths!?? LOL
 There is always ample, very authentic, Polish food available... as well as lots of Vodka. I was DD and had to drive back to Orlando that night so no shots for this girl

Throughout the kitchen are little cards that label each individual food in English and Polish... as seen below

So let the feasting begin...

 There were TONS of meat trays... Everything from Pate, Ham, Sausage... Even Head Cheese, which I did try, and I will admit it wasn't to bad but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat it again LOL

 Then their were the Pierogi...There were Meat, Cheese, Mushroom, Cheese and Onion and even CHERRY. Yes Cherry Pierogi and they were DEEEEEE Lish

Last, there of course had to be Birthday Cake. Now Jake's Brother was in town so we celebrated his Birthday as well so they each got their own cake.

OK Before I bore you with a ton of pictures of people you do not know... at a party you were not at... I will get on with the Give Away!!!

This weeks Give Away comes from one of my favorite GF companies around. Crunchmaster once you visit their website you are greeted by this

"Happy, Healthy & Gluten Free! We know it's important to select food products you can trust, so our baking facility is certified by the Gluten Free Certification Organization. This signifies that we meet the strictest standards for gluten free products."

Crunchmaster crackers are 100% whole grain and are one of my favorite crackers to munch on.  The amazing people at Crunchmaster sent me a fun filled box filled with 4 different flavors. Up until today I have always been a huge fan of their Sea Salt crackers. However I may have changed my mind.
Here is my little sampler: Roasted Vegetable, Original, Sea Salt and Rosemary and Olive Oil. I have already had Original and sea salt so I decided to start with one of the flavors I do not have at my local grocery store... that was the Roasted Vegetable. IT WAS AWESOME!!!

My favorite thing about Crunchmaster is the fact that they are thick enough and crunchy enough to enjoy with any topping. What is my  favorite way to enjoy Crunchmaster you may ask....

I enjoy making my adult "luncables" using Crunchmaster. I top the cracker with laughing cow cheese and chicken. Its a great mid day snack.
                                         My little bit of Joy on a Crunchmaster Cracker                                        

The awesome people at Crunchmaster will be sending one reader and I quote "Crunchmaster cracker sampler package with approximately 12 bags of crackers with a retail value of around $40"

So here are the Rules:
You will have 6 opportunities to enter.  
The deadline to enter it Saturday Jan.  22nd at midnight

1) Follow my Blog: Leave a Comment saying you did this
2) Follow me on twitter @Fitpossible1 @AlexisN86 -Leave a comment saying you did this
3) Follow Crunchmaster on Twitter @LuvCrunchmaster -Leave a comment saying you did this
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5) Like Crunchmaster On Facebook -Leave a comment saying you did this
6) Like Fitpossible on Facebook (hit the link) -Leave a comment saying you did this. 

There you go.. 6 chances to win this awesome give away!!!

While you wait to see if you win... head over to 
Crunchmaster and grab a $1 off coupon and head to the store.

Do you have fun themed parties in your family?

Ciao and Good luck 




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