Monday, June 25, 2012

Not Feeling so Hot

I had big plans for my workout today... I planned on hitting the weights hard and leaving it all out on the floor. However, when I got to work I lost all appetite, and desire to do anything but go home and crawl in bed.

Not sure what happened but somehow between the house and the gym I got all sorts of not feeling great. Normally I am one to workout sick no matter what, but today it was my stomach and I was not  at all willing to chance it.

I finished my shift, headed home and exchanged my dress clothes for a t-shirt and boxers :o). However I HAVE NOT given up the desire to work out. I am taking it easy right now and trying to slowly consume small bites of food here and there. I had a nice size bowl of cherries and so far I am doing ok...
So far that is about all I have had the desire to eat, but I will try something else in a little while. If this continues I am hoping to at least get in some Tabata or my 10 min circuit. Perhaps if the rain stays away I will do just a nice slow jog. I figure anything is better than nothing.

So what leads me to this questions... Do you workout when you are not feeling well or do you just modify what you had planned?

Ciao and gym blues


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