Thursday, June 28, 2012

Learning to Love Biking!

A while back I wrote about breaking out of my comfort zone and I am still trying to hold true to this challenge. For me I have never been a fan of biking. I grew up when roller blades were cool and sadly enough my bike got stolen off my front porch so I just stock with the blades lol.

I decided when I got back from my road trip to PA I was going to park the car and bike A LOT more! So that's what I have been working on and so far it's going pretty well. I by no means have a nice expensive bike like my sister, who rides 100miles for fun <---- CRAZY, but it gets me where I need to go and back again, sometimes :o)

Today was my rest day. I decided to do some yoga then bike to my tutoring session I had scheduled. It was a great choice. On the way home I took a different route, that not only put more miles on my legs (plus) but also changed the scenery.I love the area that I live in because I get to see so many interesting things... today included
  1. Horses- more than once
  2. Vultures - this one kind freaks me out because I secretly think in my head that I will seem like a better option for them every time I pass haha.. I know I am crazy. It didn't help that I had to pass 2 groups of them. 
  3. A Goat- yep I didn't make this up
  4. A squirrel who apparently was trying to commit squirrel-icde, he ran right between my front and back tire... totally freaked me out
  5. A heckling Cricket who followed me for a few feet making noises in my face
I have to admit, I loved every minute of it! My mind was free to think about everything else and nothing at all. I enjoyed the wonderful weather and the amazing views that I so often take for granted. So I am glad that I have chosen to step out of the comfort zone and I am slowly learning to love like biking.

I will continue biking and I hope I continue to grow fond of it and enjoy it even more as the summer goes on.

Have you learned to love anything you have recently distanced yourself from?

Ciao and pushing pedals


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