Friday, June 1, 2012

Share your love...

of Fitness with someone new.

That is the only challenge I have today. No new exercises. No Tabata workout. No amazing photographs of sweaty me. Just a simple request.... 

Challenge day 22 is a simple yet extremely difficult challenge. It's easy because you know why you love fitness. Difficult because it is not always easy to talk to people about that, or to know how to even start off.

Invite a friend who doesn't usually workout to tag along, or invite a friend who only lifts weights to a zumba class or vice versa

Make your favorite healthy treat and share it with your co-workers. If they like it share the recipe. Maybe after they realize "healthy food" doesnt have to be bland they may ask for more ideas.

Just one simple task, that can be done in a million different ways. I would love to hear all your ideas and see how the people in your life responded to you sharing your love of fitness with them

Ciao and fitness love



  1. I talk about fitness ALL the time in my office. I encourged my co-worker to join a gym and she is making healthier choices. I know it is all her, but I like to think I encourged the almost 15lb weight loss so far! Everday I ask "are you going to the gym today??" Her trainer loves I ask and keep her motivated. At the end of the day it motivates me too. I can't preach and not practice. So, even on my sluggish days, I feel like I have to push through. Win win for all!!

  2. I love this idea! :) My favorite challenge yet!