Wednesday, June 13, 2012

10 Minute Circuit from Savannah!!

I would enter a quintessential "Hey Ya'll" In here but I personally can not stand  am not a big Paula Dean fan... sorry for any hardcore Paula fans out there.. not my cup of tea.

Any who... I feel like i have been MIA because, although gorgeous and amazing, my grandparents place lacks the basic necessities for a blogger. So I was without internet for about 3 days... can you say Stone Ages!!!

I have a whole lot of fun things to tell you about my trip but that will have to wait to I return back to Florida tomorrow. I do want to enjoy my night in Savannah and sadly that plan does not include sitting on my computer all night. 

I have been unable to post my final day of the 30 day challenge and I just wanted to get on and post that quickly....

Welcome to the 10 Minute Circuit. The key is to do all the exercises contentiously for 10 min. If you choose to go for a second round, try to beat your number of sets completed in the first round, even if just by one exercise. 

So here is the last and final day of the 30 day challenge. I have a package at home waiting for me from the Supplement Locker and I will be picking a lucky participant to send some goodies too. It is not to late to enter.  Head over to day 1 and check out the rules. Do as many of the days as you want!

 If you need a review on exercises here are some links... Burpees, Plank Jacks, Power Squats.

Make sure to keep some water and a towel close by... YOU WILL NEED IT!!!! 

Ciao from Savannah


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