Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So just in case you are unaware by now, I am originally from Pittsburgh PA. Why am I telling you this? Well being that I am a teacher I officially only have 3 days (including today) with my munchkins left. Thursday is the last day of school!!! I can't lie, I am super stoked!

On Thursday after the bell rings I am turning in my keys, getting in my car and DRIVING to PITTSBURGH! Some of you may think I am crazy but I am super stoked right now... will I be supper stoked Friday at 1am...hmmm ask me then :o)

Bri and I :o)

Missing my oldest sister and Brother :o(

These pictures are from the last time almost all the siblings were back in Pittsburgh at the same time. I can not wait to see them all on Friday and go PARTY haha. we are headed home for a surprise 80th birthday party for my grandma... I am ready to be back in PA and to see all my cousins and their babies... I love my family and Pittsburgh lol :o)

This is one of the reasons I decided to have this challenge... all the exercises I have posted do not require any equipment and can be done in a hotel that lacks an acceptable gym :o)

Today is day 25! Only 5 more days left! So put in some work and push yourself a little more than you are used to. I promise you will love me eventually haha.

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Now that you have caught yourself up :o) Here is today's HIIT workout for you...


 Your challenge: get through both sets. Only take 10-20 sec break in between set one and set two.

Ciao and road trip countdown


Plank Jack

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  1. This is great sweetie! It's always so nice to have workouts with no gym equipment if you are in a pinch!