Monday, June 4, 2012

HIIT: Fit Challenge V24

This picture is simple enough to describe today's challenge. But before we move on how did you do on your 48hr challenge from Saturday? I would like to say that on our way home from Tampa we stopped at Starbucks and instead of ordering a coffee I opted for the passion tea! Yay for me lol.

Today I bring you 2 sets of HIIT. Much like the Tabata exercises we have done these are intervals done with little rest and high intense cardio/plyo moves. You want to try and do as many of the exercises in the allotted time. Just remember, after the first set,  its going to burn but you only have 30 sec SO PUSH THROUGH!
Your Challenge: get through both sets. Only take 10-20 sec break in between set one and set two.
(If you need any reminders here are some links to my POWER SQUATS, BURPEES, and SHOULDER BURNERS posts... )

I hope you have a fun, sweaty, tiring time!

Ciao and HIIT Love,



  1. that does look intense!! great workout though - i'll have to give it a try! :)