Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer is HERE!!

Well technically it starts at 3:45pm today! Then I drive home, pack the car, and head to PITTSBURGH!!!!

Circa 2010 hanging with 2 of my sisters downtown by the point

So today's post is short and sweet!

I decided since I will not get to go out with my co-workers to celebrate tonight,  I would celebrate Wednesday at home... I do deserve it after all haha. This doesn't happen very often but we broke out the Grey goose and sat down and enjoyed!
Grey Goose, coconut water, and OJ

Now on with today's Challenge!

Day 27 is All ABs all Day :o)

So while I am driving, jammin to tunes get in some AB work! Don't Worry I got mine in this morning!

If you still want to enter the challenge there is still time! Let me know on Twitter @fitpossibleblog using #fitpossible30day or on The Fitpossible facebook page

Ciao and Ab work


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