Friday, June 15, 2012

Sweet Potato Salad

In honor of being back from vacation and starting back on my Clean Eating I decided to post one of my favorite recipes right now.

This is an extremely versatile dish. It can be a side, dip or eaten as a full meal.  The possibilities are creative.


1 Large Sweet Potato cooked
half a can black beans 
1 avocado
2 ears of corn (if not in season you can use canned)  
*servings 4*

For BBQ Potato salad you will also need
1 Avocado
Goat cheese

What to do:

To bake Sweet Potato: 350 degrees for 40-45min or until tender. To microwave: use a fork to poke holes throught the potato. Place in microwave for 3 min, turn potato and put in for another 3 min. Then chop into like size squares.

For corn (if fresh): bring water to a boil and cook for 5 min.

Heat Black beans. Mix everything together.

I made this initially for some fish tacos we had one evening and we fell in love... it has evolved since then.
To make it into a perfect party side see below....

                                        Fish Taco Night                                 Chicken Wrap

To make this side into a substitute for your traditional potato salad at a party/BBQ side double sweet potatoes per all other ingredients: i.e. take the regular recipe and use 2 potatoes as a opposed to 1. 

When you are ready to serve cut up avocado and mix into salad with goat cheese. No unhealthy Mayo dressing needed!!!!

So next time you are asked to bring a side dish, try this, its so sweet and deish they won't even know they are eating an insane amount of vitamins and nutrients. 

Ciao and healthy potato salad, 


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