Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hello from Pittburgh

So I know I have posted about my trip everyday for like 2 weeks now :o) and I am finally here. We got into Pittsburgh around 6:30pm last night and I am enjoying every second of it. Here is what we have done so far....

As soon as the last sibling to arrived we headed down towards the south side to The Church Brew Works... I will say I dont drink beer but this place was freaking awesome to just see. Its a brewery that is located inside an old cathedral. Slightly wrong to drink in a church... Perhaps but it makes fro a great story LOL

 Saturday we woke up to head to the Strip District to eat at a family favorite...

It doesn't get much better than this! If you are around Pittsburgh and want the best breakfast around this is where you need to be! Now although I am a big proponent of eating clean there are certain times I am all about the splurge and that is when I am back in Pittsburgh. So although I ate a pretty clean breakfast I did splurge on he bread and cheese LOL 

 Eggwhites, turkey sausage and cheese all on fresh cinnamon bread from Mancini's... (probably the best bakery around) :o) As you can tell in the picture to the right I pretty much devoured the whole thing LOL and I don't feel to guilty.

We are now getting read for my Grandmother's surprise 80th so I will leave you with a few pictures from today and of course the fit challenge for today.

Heather, Jake, Brian (my love) Jim and Kelly headed to the Strip

Brian and I at De Lucca's ready to chow down

The group patiently awaiting the arrival of the best breakfast in town

HAHA... I told Brian this is what our fridge would look like if we had the room... we eat A LOT of eggs
Walking around downtown

Two days left and even though I am on vacation I am not slacking. When we got to the hotel last night Brian and I did 2 sets of Tabata before getting ready to go out and today we woke up early to hit the Hotel gym before heading out to breakfast. I can't splurge and slack all on the same day.

So day 29 of 30 is here for your enjoyment.
Set 1: Burpee Tuck jumps, Set 2: Pushup Jacks Set 3: 180 degree Hop squat.

Alrighty... Off to the party. Enjoy your weekend and your workout! 

Ciao from Pittsburgh


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  1. let's meet up soon please!!!! I love the Church Brew Works!!