Saturday, June 2, 2012

What 48 hours can do for you!


Brian and I have started watching the HBO series Weight of the Nation and after only on episodes I have become intrigued. The show doesn't only highlight how our country is suffering from obesity and health related problems, but it gives ways to make the nation, as a whole, healthier!

I plan on continuing to watch but I jsut wanted to highlight what I found interesting in the first episode.

1)  The show was interviewing a couple, who had been diagnosed with diabetes. They were not crazy overweight but had gained weight as they had gotten older. To look at pictured of them you may use the word "chubby" to describe them but I would have never looked at them and said man they really need to lose weight. HOWEVER, the husband had to have his leg amputated (up to the knee) because of his diabetes.
   Here is what the Dr's on the show had to say
   It only takes a small increase in body fat to contribute to the onset of diabetes. They said even a 5% increase in body fat can push you into the category of pre-diabetic. So if I use myself for example, 120lbs at 5% increase would be an extra 6lbs. So if I were an at-risk adult it would only take 6lbs to possibly become pre-diabetic on the road to full fledge diabetes.

This next FUN FACT is my favorite. Brian and I rewound the show to make sure we heard it correctly.

2) In your liver of a healthy person your cells are extremely close together with not much room for error :o) they went on  to show the liver of an Obese adult. *see below* 

In what appear to be spaces, are actually large fat cells complete pushing the healthy cells out.
   Here is what the Dr's on the show had to say 
   Within 48 hours of caloric decreas your liver begins to appear 25% HEALTHIER!!!

I was in shock... Like I said I rewound it to make sure we heard it correctly. It's amazing what can be accomplished in 48 hours. Just think, If you have begun a healthy lifestyle and after a week you look in the mirror and say "I don't see any difference, what’s the point?" The most important changes you will encounter CAN NOT be seen. They are occurring inside every single day you decide to wake up and reach for a banana instead of a candy bar, or make dinner instead of drive up to a window and eat out of a bag. 

So when you look in the mirror and decide you don't see anything and you are wasting your time, just remember, YOUR LIVER LOVES YOU, so please take care of it!!

I highly recommend watching this show. If you have a playstation it is free on Vudu right now!

This brings me to todays challenge...

Pick one thing you eat/drink regularly that may not be very good for you and give it up for 48hours. If you have a more than steller diet add something healthy you have been afraid to try and add it to your diet for 48hrs.

My biggest Vice is coffee so for the next 48hrs I will be giving up my morning cup of coffee! What are you willing to do to make 48hours count for you?

Dont'forget let me know on Twitter @fitpossibleblog to use the hashtag #fitpossible30day or comment on Fit-Possible Facebook page to tell me you comepleted and let me know if you will take the challenge

Ciao 48hr challenge,


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  1. No coffee? You're on your own there! :)

    I haven't seen Weight of the Nation (no HBO) but I really want to. It's amazing how simple it can be to essentially save your life and people don't do it!