Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Traditions!!!!


I hope this post finds everyone well and filled with candy... Just kidding on the last part.. ok maybe like 2 pieces

Throw back to Halloween 2010

Halloween fills me with memories of fun and horror. My dad was so into Halloween when we were growing up. Well in actuality my dad would make every day Halloween if he could... He loved scaring us!!!!

Our house was "that house" the one that had the scarey music playing outside, a scarey- specially made mannequin outside whose eyes lit up when people came to the door.

My dad would spend hours doing professional make up on us (real make-up not the stuff you buy at the stores) to make sure we were scarey enough to go out LOL. 

A few weeks ago when Brian and I were going through my records (during our dance party) we found this piece of treasure... 
Please excuse port work out picture LOL And the "spirit" in the picture
So I will be playing this tonight for my little trick-or-treaters!!!

Any who.... on with my traditions (well more of them at least) 

The one thing that has never changed in my house,  even as all 5 of us (myself and my 4 siblings) grew up has been our Halloween dinner!!!!! From Pennsylvania to Florida, the super cold (PA) to the not so super cold (its about 80 degrees as I type)FL, dinner has always been Chili, rice and cornbread. 

Now I know what you are thinking... how can you get excited over Chili? Well I will tell you, this is no ordinary Chili... It's DAD'S Chili!!!! 
*My dad was an amazing cook and I miss his cooking every holiday and family get together

My dad would cook his Chili for hours (just like his pasta sauce) until it was "just right." And no matter how cold or hot it was outside all 7 of us sat together and tore up that pot of Chili (which was probably big enough for a small country). 
So although my dad is not here to make his chili, my mom has taken on the task... with the help of my dad's secret recipe of course!

The house smells AHHHH-MAZ-ING!!!!!

And then there was dinner.....

 I am a happy girl!!!!
 Mia momma... Thanx for the yumminess
I even added cheese SHHHH

It never dissapoints!

Question for you.... Do you have any Halloween traditions? 

I leave you with some fun pictures of a family trip to NY and a stop at a costume shop... Enjoy ( I think I was about 18 yrs old at the time of these pictures LOL)

 My bro and I pimp style LOL


 Attack of the teddy bear?

 "My precious" mom tehe

 mio papa!

 Only my sister can look good with a horse head on LOL

 Can you smell what Renee is cookin'

 We are scared!!... we saw what she did to the 3rd pig

Eat my shorts

Ciao and Halloween Traditions


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  1. Such fun old pics!! No traditions here...just loving the festive time and giving out candy!