Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I ate Wednesday v4... Detox day 2

So WIAW this weeks comes during my 2 week detox. If you have read my other WIAW posts (WIAWv1, WIAWv2, WIAWv3) you would know I love food, and making good food that is healthy. This week however is a little different. My menu is crazy strict and not as much fun. (I miss my Peanut Butter)

For more info on my detox check out my posts: Preparing, My last meal, and Day1.

Well Tuesday marked day #2 of my detox and it was a great success. I was a bit sluggish this morning (which is not uncommon when you are ridding your body of toxins) but it got better as the day went on.

6:00am Breakfast: 2 Hard boiled eggs,
Udi's gluten free toast with honey,
and hot water with fresh lemon squeezed in

10:00am snack-  12 Almonds

11:30am Lunch- Probably my favorite meal of the day...
Chickpea and tomato salad with red onions and romaine lettuce
served with my homemade dressing and topped with Goat cheese
I also had my fresh apple, carrot and cucumber juice I made the night before.
Yes it sounds odd but SO YUMMY!!

1:45pm Snack- Apple

After work it was time to hit up the gym for some weights. I got in a pretty decent workout and felt good while lifting. I did a mixture of legs and upper body. For my thought on working out check out this previous post a wrote.

Then it was off to cook dinner at home... which was not my favorite meal of the day LOL  

I love pasta!!! I am sure you know that by now. Even though come up with healthy ways to make my pasta it still does not make the clean eating, detox cut. So I attempted one that did. Brian said it was good but I am Italian and it just was not up to my standards LOL.

The ingredients to the" not my favorite" pasta dish

It was packed with amazing veggies (which makes me a happy girl) but the gluten free pasta was just not my thing. The detox requires me to cut out wheat and the main ingredient in pasta is semolina (which comes from wheat) so my normal pasta was a no go. 

6:30pm Dinner- Pasta with peppers onions and pine nuts

The meal did its job... filled me up and gave me much needed nutrients to help flush the toxins out of my body.

8:00pm snack- I wanted something but am short options so I opened the fridge and found some Naked. Green Machine is my favorite. Stuffed with fruits and veggies and nothing else. Cant get much better than that.
I poured a small glass

9:15pm- Night time drink of Hot water and Honey

Although my day started off a little slow and my dinner wasn't super great Day 2 of detox went well... I think I can make it all 2 weeks. (fingers crossed) 

Ciao, and lots of veggies


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