Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I ate Wednesday v.5

Today's WIAW is brought to you with a very somber Alexis behind the keyboard. Since I am on day 9 of my Detox there was no food for me to report today. I did however just have a protein drink after my work out....shhh dont tell.

So since I have no yummy pictures to show you of my food feast that I usually show... see WIAW  v.1 WIAWv.2 WIAWv.3  WIAWv.4

So today I bring you What I ate Wednesday... Brian's version. Even though I am not eating I am still planning and cooking meals. I am a firm believer in scheduling meals even if its not for me :o)

 6am: Overnight Oats. This version was a bit different
Brian wanted Raisins and spice oatmeal and it was B1G! at Publix so he was a happy boy.

We used 2 packages 
1Tof peanut butter 
1 scoop protein
about 1/2 cup of almond milk. 
Heated the next morning.

 8am: Greek Yogurt
 10am: Almonds and a Protein drink

11am:  My  Healthy Chicken Salad  on an everything Bagel Flat  check out the recipe

1pm: Protein Bar.. (Which was also a recent coupon score.)

3pm: Apple

6:30pm: My Healthy Bolognese  check out the recipe

So even though I could not partake in any of the food I made this week I still enjoyed making it all. Finding ways to make food people enjoy just a bit healthy makes me a happy girl.

Today is my last official detox day and I will slowly begin to incorporate foods back into my days. So hopefully by next WIAW I will be able to bring my menu to the table :o)

Ciao, with a fill in post


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  1. I really enjoy this site, especially the recipes. so far all the ones I have tried have been good.