Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I ate Wednesday v.6

So I am back from my detox v.1 v.2 v.3 v.4   v.5 v.6      So I can actually bring you real food, that I got to eat on this version of WIAW. WIAWv1  WIAWv2  WIAWv3  WIAWv4  WIAWv5 

This weeks WIAW is brought to you courtesy of my Monday food schedule.

Monday was a rough day. I could not get in the swing of things no matter how hard I tried. I just wanted to leave work, go home and lay in bed. But I didn't. I sucked it up and even got in 2 workouts.

So let the day begin

5:30am Morning jog with Brian before breakfast

6am: egg white omelet,  with onions jalapeno peppers, turkey sausage, and mushrooms

9am: Greek yogurt
 It was a very busy day.. you will notice I was in my classroom for almost every snack LOL

11:30am Chicken Salad sandwich with alfalfa sprouts on GF Udis bread

1:45pm Peanut butter Lara Bar

3:45pm Almonds and Dried Apricots 

4:45: Plyo at the gym... with lots of box jumps and wall pushups

Then it was back home to make the scheduled dinner for the night...

6:30pm Chicken Meatballs with baked broccoli 
 Monday started off a little slow but I cant complain to much about how it turned out. I got in two workouts and had a wonderful dinner outside with Brian then relaxed the rest of the night.

Is your week usually slow to get started?

Caio, and a case of the Mondays (lol)


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