Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I Ate Wednesday v.7, working out while sick

Peas and Crayons
Today's WIAW is brought to you from a very happy girl. I have been battling some sort of sickness and woke up Monday feeling like a truck hit me... well my face, every muscle in my face hurt LOL I have no idea why.

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But Tuesday started off better. No more pain and just a sore throat. By the end of the day my throat was good but I had no voice. Which I am totally OK with LOL. It is a short week at work (with the kids at least) I got in my first workout since getting sick and I got some good news (more on that later).

So my WIAW (and workout tips)  is brought to you from a very happy girl... just one that cant talk LOL

My day started off kinda slow because I still wasn't feeling well so I didn't really cook anything....

6am: Brian and I split a bagel with lox, onion and tomato
It was a yummy carb and Omega 3 filled breakfast... only half the carbs cuz we shared lol 

9am and 10:30am: Rice cake with PB. 
 In case you were unaware I love PB!!
11:30am My home made chicken salad 
  This weeks version: carrots, apples, jalapenos and onion
2:45pm: Snacked on a few Almonds 
3:30pm: Hummus and Cucumbers 
 Work never ends for me LOL 

Now comes gym time. I don't recommend working out sick if you do not work out on a normal bases. Be smart and know your limits. 

It has been said that lifting weights while sick actually helps build your immune system, while cardio workouts actually lower your immune systems ability to fight of the sickness. I am no DR. so I don't know the science behind it but I choose to stay away from cardio when I am feeling sick. Plus after missing 2-3days of working out I feel like a heifer and will do just about anything to feel better.

So tonight's workout was leg weights with a few arms thrown in for good measure (or while waiting for machines lol) 

See my thoughts on weight lifting for women

1) I started with squats
45lb each side for 3 sets: my sets are all different types of squats
*close squat, wide squat and a plie squat 
      - 10 reps each 
then add weight 
70lb each side for 3 sets
 *close squat, wide squat and a plie squat 
      -8 reps each 
Total: 54 squats  (i usually do 3 additional sets but I was still not 100%)
My rest between sets were filled with 10 incline push ups. 

2) Next came a quick shoulder press set: (ya I am all over the place) 
single arm shoulder press
20lbs *2 sets each arm 

3) squats on stabilizing discs while using a kettle bell for shoulder work
Source: Probably one of my favorite workout tools
4) Leg Press time: I do progressive weight and less reps

set1- 45lb each side- 12 reps- one leg then switch
set2- 90lbs each side- 15 reps (both legs... I am not that good)
set3- 135 each side- 12 reps
set4- 180 each side- 10 reps
set5- 225 each side- 8 reps
set6- 250 each side- 6reps

5) threw in a few ab workouts

Now I probably did more than I should have, but I was feeling good and I was going to take advantage of it. 

Back to food: 

5:45pm: Home from the gym and need some protein and some cheesy pictures LOL

6:30pm: Grilled Chicken (courtesy of Brian) and some quinoa and garlic asparagus
This weeks quinoa: corn, mushrooms, artichokes and black olives

It is now 9:00pm and I am feeling a little hungry so I am going to go enjoy some plain cottage cheese. 

This was a really long post... and I hope you stuck through it all lol 

Do you feel like working out when you are sick?

Ciao, with no voice



  1. That quinoa and veggie combo looks good. Make sure you go to and link up your blog post for WIAW!

  2. Sweet thanx carissa ill link it asap! Next dinner date ill bring the quinoa lol

  3. Those stabilizing discs look like a great workout! I've always been too chicken to try them!

  4. damn I'm impressed you worked out while sick. That is something that I could never do.

  5. Jessica... They are amazing! I actually put them on my xmas list for my siblings LOL I love them.