Monday, May 28, 2012

Hop Squats: Fit Challenge V19

Welcome back after some technical difficulties. I did have a post set to upload while I was MIA from the internet world but some how it is gone and I realized there was no post. So you got a break from my challenge :o)

I am in the midst of lost of food prep for this week... trying to combat the birthday/memorial day weekend we have had in this house. I cant complain though I got to see all my siblings and their little munchkins...
I couldn't ask for a better weekend!

Before we get started take a look at what you have missed this weekend
Happy Memorial Day
Fit Challenge V18


I personally love Hop squats because you are not only getting a crazy awesome lower body workout in but you are raising your heart rate at the same time to give yourself a cardio workout as well.

Your Challenge: 2 sets x 50 Hop squats

Ciao and technical difficulties


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