Monday, May 7, 2012

30 Day Fit Challenge: V1

HI ALL! So today makes day one of my 30 day Fit Challenge. I don't know about you but I am super stoked about this!

I have created this challenge to push myself and anyone else who wants to join in on the fun. I have realized lately that my energy level is not where it should be and I have been extremely stressed at work. I wanted to give myself just a little extra push and that's where the Fitpossible 30 day Challenge came from. Although I am a self proclaimed gym rat and a lover of fitness I too need an extra push. And that is where you come in... if I see how awesome others are doing then it will make me want to go all that much harder.

How this challenge is designed is pretty basic. I will post 1-2 exercises a day and all you need to do is add it to your regularly scheduled fitness routine. The exercises will start out some what basic and get harder as the weeks progress. This may force you out of your comfort zone but your body can do it!

I will be traveling a lot starting in June and want to look my absolute best. Which is another reason I have created this accountability to my workouts. I can't back out now! 

There will be some treats along the way for some of the lucky participants. So here are the rules and ways to enter yourself to win some the treats...

1. Do the exercise sometime throughout the day. You can split it up, do it in the morning, do it with your regular workout, or do it at night... it doesn't matter as long as you do it.
2. Follow me on Twitter @Fitpossible1 @AlexisNP86
3. Follow Fitpossible on FB
4. Tweet: I will change it daily so you can just cut and paste. (if you do not have twitter you can post it on  Facebook instead.
5. Leave a comment on the post. This can be anything you would like... did you like the exercise, was it knew to you, was it a challenge...

So now that you are in the know.... Here is DAY 1 of the Fitpossible 30 day Challenge

50 Squats

 Make sure to watch your form and don't go so fast that form is compromised
Day one Entries:
1. Tweet: @fitpossible @AlexisNP86 I just completed my 50 squats for the #fitpossible30day
2.Leave a comment on Fitpossible facebook: I just completed my 50 squats for the fitpossible 30 day challenge!
3. Leave a comment on this post.


  1. I completed my 50 squats in the bathroom of my office!!

    1. LOVE IT! Doesn't matter where you do it, just as long as you do it! haha

  2. I just completed my 50 squats (25 while pasta was boiling & 25 after I cleaned the dishes)!!

  3. I actually did 80.

    1. Completed my 50 squats using my couch as a knee saver

  4. I completed my 50 squats using my couch as knee savers

  5. Well hello there! In your entry did you base on any extra studies or here are only your exclusive conclusions? Can't wait to hear from you.