Thursday, October 6, 2011

Detoxing tips

You cant just start a Detox without being armed with information...

You need to know what you put into your body, and how you plan to change it.
You need to know what is good to put into your body, and how you plan to implement it.
You need to mentally and physically prepare for your detox.

Clean out the kitchen... If your pantry is jammed pack with fatty, sugar laden foods you are more likely going to reach for those instead of something nutritious when the going gets tough.


Once you are mentally ready for your Detox make sure you know what is going to be the best sources of nutrients. 

A few examples of Detox "super foods"

Apple- Helps excrete heavy metals, cleansing for the liver and kidneys
Fennel- a strong diuretic that helps eliminate fats
Lemon- Stimulates the release of enzymes- very important for the liver's detox process

Those are just a few... One that was new to me was Brown Rice. I have always chosen Brown Rice over its white counter part but never for its "detox" powers. It turns out Brown Rice cleans the intestines as it passes through and prevents constipation (yes I went there), it is anti-allergenic and helps stabilize blood sugar. 

Through my eating part of my detox I try to incorporate as many of the detox "super foods" as I possibly can throughout the day.

I have also added Coenzyme Q-10 to my regimen. I take one at breakfast and dinner. 

CO Q-10 is naturally occurring in the body. It is a fat-soluble antioxidant that is present in most all cells in the body. It is particularly active in the liver where it helps breakdown toxins.

Do you know what foods are really good for your body or does it all get too overwhelming?

Ciao, and knowledge


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