Monday, October 17, 2011

Home made Pizza and Football

If you have yet to hear... I LOVE FOOTBALL SUNDAY!!!!

This Sunday was great because I was able to eat again (just not meat) and we decided halftime meal was PIZZA!! If there is one thing I love making healthy at home it is Pizza.

Brian and I usually make our own Whole Wheat Pizza Dough but time was an issue this Sunday. So instead we settled for the multi grain Publix dough in the Deli.

Brian is the designated dough roller. That is always his job and he takes it very seriously!

While he rolls out the dough I prep. all the veggies and the sauce for the Pizza.

 Here is Brian's pride and joy :o)

 While putting sauce on the dough, remember to go all the way to the edge to keep the edges of the dough from over cooking

 This Pizza had onions, Orange Bell peppers, artichokes, portabella mushrooms and fresh tomato slices.

A lot of the fat in Pizza comes from the grease that cooks out of the meats and also the cheeses. To cut back on the added fat I shred my own cheese and stay away from the high fat, soft cheeses you find in the bags at the store. Instead I shred on fresh hard cheeses. 

 Shredding my yummy cheeses I brought back from PA on my last trip home.
My cheeses of choice for this pizza 
Bosco Tartufo
Piave Oro
Fiore Sardo
 Now it is ready for the oven... 18 min can not come soon enough

 The Pizza was perfect. The last 5 min I put the pan on the lowest rack so the bottom would get super crisp without over cooking the top.
 I like to dip mine in sauce. I prefer more sauce and less cheese. But hey thats just me.
 Brian was a fan. He ended up eating 4 pieces so I think it is safe to say he wasn't just being polite.
We love making Pizza at home together. We try to do it at least once a month. It just made it even better that the Steelers WON!!!

What is your favorite meal to make with your significant other?

Ciao, and lots of Pizza



  1. Making pizza dough from scratch smells THE BEST. Ugh...I freaking love that smell! =D