Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bolognese made healthy

So if you didnt know already... I LOVE PASTA,  and I love making traditional pasta dishes a little more heart and waist friendly. As seen with my Healthy Baked Pasta.

Last night was a rough cooking night. I am detoxing but I still agreed to make Brian food ( I know I am awesome... HAHA) and what did Brian want... You got it PASTA!!! Man oh Man this was a tough one.

Brian wanted chicken pasta, so I decided, since I have to make sauce (no canned sauce in this house hold... my dad would roll over in his grave) anyways why not make a healthy Bolognese? If you are unfamiliar with Italian cooking here is the short version: Typical Bolognese is made with beef, pancetta, onions, carrots, tomato paste, red wine and milk. 

Well I needed a more healthy friendly version so here goes mine. 

 Cook ground chicken breast in a little bit of extra virgin olive oil. 
Season to taste, I used garlic, dried onion, basil and oragano
Set cooked chicken aside for later

 Do not get rid of the juice from the chicken. It is perfect for the Bolognese. 

 Saute onions and garilc in the reserved juices (add a little more olive oil if the pan needs it) 

This is where I usually add my spice. I use dried Chile Japones. You can omit this if you do not like spicy food. Or use your spice of choice.

 Add tomatoes. 
Chef note: I use whole canned tomatoes and I chop them as I put them in. You can used chopped can tomatoes to make it easier.
 After tomatoes have had a chance to simmer add chicken back into pan. 

 Add in about 2T of tomato paste
Let simmer for about 20 min. uncovered or until sauce has thickened  

After pasta is finished and drained place back in the pot and dump in the sauce. 
You can add cheese if you would like.

Since I am detoxing I did not have the pleasure of partaking in this yummy meal. However, Brian said it was great. Once this detox is over I am definitely enjoying some pasta!!!

Ciao, from a sad pasta lover


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