Saturday, October 29, 2011

(un)motivated workout

Do you ever have days where you just do not want to workout?


Well that was me today!!! I had an early wake up call for work, didn't eat much of anything or real food LOL, came home and watched tv and did not want to move. I did however do some baking, worked on my blog and caught up on some shows from the past week. Right now I am watching Tosh.0... LOVE HIM haha

I finally talked myself into at least going for a run... well more like I guilted myself into it, but hey either way I went.

So when I feel like this I need something that will motivate me to push myself. So for this run I used the workout app on my Ipod. (which I didnt even know existed until recently haha)

Getting my new Ipod last x-mas from Brian

So I was not motivated to do anything but I knew I needed to find some motivation and I used my Ipod for that. I decided to set it for a 2mile run. My motivation was to beat my last 2mile time on the Ipod. I did by 1min!!!! 

I look super happy after my run don't I? LOL

So I got home and had a bit more motivation than I had started with. So I decided to do a few upper and lower body exercises. 

Here you go...
Uneven squats with  single shoulder press
12 reps each leg 2 sets
Squat down with one foot on the stabilizer disc and weight close to your shoulder

In one motion come out of squat position and push weight up

Bicep curls- I did not do heavy weight so I did more reps
20reps each arm 2 sets

Make sure to have full motion. The more motion you use the more muscles (in your arm) you are working
*I squat down a bit to stabilize and work my abs and glutes at the same time.

-I did back but did not take pictures... blog fail

Next came abs

No matter what I do my abs are the one part of my body I always think I need more work on. I know every woman has this issue and for me it is def. my stomach area... What part of your body do you always think needs more work?

20 reps each side 2 sets
Stand slightly to the opposite side you are working 
*you can also do this with no weight at all 

As you crunch your upper body to the side lift your leg to the side

Next came hanging abs
20 reps 2 sets 
I use my pull up bar... just hang straight down 

Bring knees straight up
* When you get stronger keep your legs straight and left them up

Ok so I finally got up and moving and got in a pretty decent workout. I used my Ipod and past workouts to motivate me to go running and that ultimately motivated me to keep going.
For more in home work outs  1, 2, 3,

What motivates you on days you don't want to move?

Ciao and Ipod motivation 


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