Sunday, October 16, 2011

Overnight Oats.. PB style

OK So I have talked about overnight oats many times in my blog. I got the idea from my friend Carissa who I believe got it from someone else. Whoever came up with it is a very smart individual.

Overnight oats have become a weekly breakfast in my house. They are made the night before so no need to cook in the morning, and there are so many different variates. Brian and I try to come up with a new version every time we make them. We have made pumpkin, spiced raisin peanut butter, overnight oats in a PB jar....

You cant really go wrong with this breakfast... or lunch... or dinner lol you choose.

Here are some easy step by step directions for our favorite version of overnight oats...

 When you finish your PB keep the jar instead of throwing it away. There is always PB you cant get out with a knife.

See all the left over goodness in there... 

add oatmeal... I make it for Brian and I so I use 1 cup of oatmeal. 

Add protein powder

Add milk. I used 1cup almond milk (if you are halving the recipe don't forget to use only half the milk)

The work is over. Now just put it in your fridge overnight and heat when you wake up in the AM.

Look at those wonderful chunks of PB in the oatmeal. Its like heaven on a plate lol

Ciao, with a quick breakfast


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