Sunday, October 9, 2011

Funday Sunday

Most people don't like Sunday because it marks the ending of the weekend. I, however, embrace Sunday!!! Yes I have to wake up early the next day but Sunday means Funday with Brian. This time of the year marks FOOTBALL Sunday! which in itself makes me a happy girl.

It was even better because we actually won this weekend :o)

Sunday is also coupon/shopping day. ( coupon and football ) So that means Brian and I get to go shopping. As lame as it sounds we enjoy our grocery shopping time. 

So while we watched the Steelers kick some Titan butt I organized my coupon book and got ready for our trip to get Brian some food for the week. ( I am still detoxing and have reached the no food portion so no food for this girl) 

Coupon book in hand we made our way to Publix. 

We went with an idea of what was going to be cooked for the week and made our way around the store. Brian decided he really wanted to chicken, then it turned to my home made chicken salad (the healthy viersion

Shopping while detoxing is tough... I just wanted to buy all my favorite foods but I did good and got only what we needed for Brian's week of healthy eating. 

We left saving about $20 and only spending $38. Not bad for a health food run. 
We are even nice and return our cart!! lol 

Now its off to the house to unload. 
 Taz wanted to help too!

So here is what we scored: 
 B1G1 oatmeal and whole grain pasta (plus coupons)

 Almond milk 2/$5.00 plus 2 $0.75 off coupons
Acai $1.00 coupon
Coconut water $.50 coupons
Greek yogurt was 10/$10.00 and after we checked out I found a $1/4 coupon at the front of the store so I went to customer service and they gave us the credit back. 
Protein plus bars I had 3 B1G1 coupons. 

All and all not a bad trip for a hungry boy. As We ate dinner (well I drank dinner) I did some quick math and realized if I avg. $20 savings every week that is a total of $1040 a year... and a lot of the time I save more than $20. 

What could you do with an extra $1040 in your pocket each year?

Ciao, loving money in my pockets


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