Sunday, October 2, 2011

Preparing for detox

Detoxifying is simply the removal of toxins from ones body. People take in toxins through food and environment.

I am a fan of the Lemonade Detox which I do 2 times a year. Although it is not time for my normal detox, I have been feeling sluggish, and just out of sorts. I could probably attribute it to all of the excess food I have been consuming because of the football season and tailgating, it could be stress from work, it could be lack of sleep... But all I know is I want the feeling gone.

 I decided to switch up my normal detox regimen. Instead of going straight to my normal one week lemonade detox I decided I am doing am going for a two week detox, which starts with clean eating  for the first 3 days then slowly working in my lemonade detox and finish of week two that way.

Using a book Brian bought me a few years back, I worked on our first 3 days of eating.
 Great book if you want the art of detoxing broken down for you. 

I made most of our menu for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday using the books sample menus and recipes. (which I of course will alter a bit for my liking). 

 Clean eating and detoxing means cutting out dairy, wheat, fats, alcohol, caffeine, and reducing the consumption of complex carbs.

During this process I will still exercise and I will eat only what I have written down and nothing else.

So armed with my coupon notebook, and a recent score from living social for $20 worth of groceries for only $10 I headed to whole foods.
Brian and I had a great trip to Whole Foods (I love it there). I even saved some money. We ended up getting $112 worth of groceries for $88. I call SCORE!!!!

I will blog about the process of detoxing for the next 2 weeks and hopefully I will be able to blog about my success in making it all 14 days!!!
Ciao, and detox ready


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