Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Football and Coupons

Sunday was a somber day in my house (well for me at least). The Steelers let me down yet again this season...I have a feeling it is going to be a looooooooooooooooong season. I will however be a Steeler fan every Sunday.
Steeler Fan for life!!!

 He is just adorable.. How could I not put this picture up... tehe

After the the turnovers and sacks continued to climb I decided it was time to begin my coupons. I have always used coupons here and there... but I recently got more dedicated to the art of couponing when I realized how much I can actually save. My rules for couponing
1. I only coupon on Sundays 
2. I only use coupons on things I normally use
3. I only shop at one store... I do not go from store to store. 
4. I get 2 Sunday papers and I use a lot of printable coupons. 
This Sunday was a great coupon insert score
and number 5 which is probably the most important
5. Get organized!!

So as the Steelers began to crumble I got out my laptop, picked the coupons I wanted and hit print. Then it came time to organize. I have a coupon binder (which I made for pretty cheap). 
My binder is organized by aisle at my local Publix I do my shopping. 
 Armed and ready for shopping
The organizing is the worst LOL 
You have to be patient but when a good deal comes along it can save A LOT!!! One of my best coupon trips was over the summer. 
 I got all of this for a grand total of $6.13

The total savings was $23.67

Even though my team lost Brian is very happy to report that his Lions beat Dallas giving them a 4-0 season. (I know this never happens) So at least one of us were happy football fans this weekend!

Ciao, and lots of savings


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