Sunday, October 2, 2011

Last night before Detox...

Tomorrow marks day one of mine and Brian's Detox. So while we shopped at Whole Foods for all the tools for detox success we decided to indulge for the last night.

If you are familiar with Whole Foods you know they have a vast array of prepared food to choose from.

While buying some Salmon for day 1 of our Detox dinner Brian  stumbled upon the seafood soups. After examining all the options we picked a shrimp and crab corn chowder. Which we grabbed and decided to split when we got home.
Chunks of potatoes and corn... YUMM

As we finished up our shopping we decided to look over the food bar. We found an amzing greek sald which had huge chunks of onions, peppers, cucumber, artichokes and feta cheese. Right next to it was a Farfalle pasta with roasted garlic and olive oil. My question... why not mix them together? So we did :o)

So for our last meal we enjoyed some dairy, complex carbs and if that wasn't enough we even made our way to the dessert counter. We both spotted the peanut butter pie and we were sold. One piece made its way home for us to split.
I snuck a bite.. I told you I love PB!

So now that we have enjoyed our last night before the detox begins we are ready to start fresh in the morning with a nice run and some oats. 

What would you eat before a detox?

Ciao, and a satisfied belly



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