Thursday, May 10, 2012

30 Day Challenge V4

HELLO HELLO! Welcome back! We are half way through week 1 and I am loving some of the tweets and FB messages I have been getting. I think my favorite so far this week came from Michelle who completed DAY 1's Challenge in the bathroom at her job... Made me laugh and realize hey you can get in fitness anywhere... LOVE IT!

So on to DAY 4 of the #fitpossible30day

We are taking a break from legs and focusing solely on core today.


Lay on the ground and lift legs (together) 6 inches off the ground. You want to make sure you do not lift them to high, you want to keep your lower abs engaged for the duration of the exercise. Your challenge is 6 sets of 6 inches Duration: 30 sec
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Enjoy! And work those abs

Ciao and 6 inch hell :o)



  1. I completed my 6 sets of 6in for 30 sec fit possible 30 day challenge. Honestly I had a hard time; not sure about my form. My lower back came of the ground; I tried my legs at different levels and it was always raised. This is def a challenge and something I will work on.

  2. did it but couldn't quite hold it to 30 sec.