Sunday, May 6, 2012


A while back I posted about signing up for My First Mud Run!

 Well the day has come and gone and I am here to let you know all the dirty little things that went down .

 We left Orlando around 7pm to head to ATL. we had some health snacks packed and we were ready to hit the road.

We had to stay awake for the 6-7hour drive so we came up with creative ways to do so. Make fun of Carissa's music collection, in her defense she did tell us to bring CD's with us HAHA.

We finally hit the mother load when we discovered the best CD in the collection. Some may laugh and judge... I say it is a CLASSIC!!! This CD includes songs such as, BYE BYE BYE, It's gonna be me, or the car favorite... Digital Get Down... Yes that's right folks I am referring to the one and only N'Sync! LOL Hey it kept us up and made us laugh. What more could you ask for

With a short sleep and an interesting hotel breakfast it was time to head out for our day.

Our first stop was... drum roll please...

 I have to say I am a little upset about this visit. This was my first time ever at a Trader Joes (there are none here in Orlando) and I LOVED IT! Great options, low prices... so why am I upset? I have found my love and I can not see him daily... makes me sad. We need one of these ASAP in Orlando
  Shoes are laced up and we are ready to get going.

 Carissa and I were really excited to meet up with fellow bloggers Maria, Victoria and Madeline.
 They were incredibly sweet and I hope to hang out with them again when I am back in their neck of the woods this summer.

The race started and then came the obstacles.

We Climbed...

We Crawled...

 We Repelled...

We got Wet...(get your mind out of the gutter...)

 This is probably my favorite series of pictures!

Best of all... we got dirty
Yep... Carissa totally tackled Kelsey, and Kelsey tried to take Alex with her haha

Left to Right: Kelsey, Maria, Kelly, Robin, Madeline, Carissa, Me, Alex

Ya we are pretty bad ass chicks...

After the race we rinsed off, got dressed and headed back to Orlando. It was a short visit but we had fun and got to meet some awesome fellow bloggers. There were a few things we discussed on our long trip home that we would have changed... but in the end, we had a good time, and raised money for a great cause.

Have you gotten dirty lately?

Ciao from the mud



  1. OMG! Those pics are great! So much fun. The girl in the pic is Robin FYI

  2. What a pretty girls. Wow I am so proud of them and I wanna congratulation for the job well done.

  3. Hi! I am visiting your blog for the first time and loved it! I laughed with this post because the photos were fantastic! Looks like it was so much fun~