Thursday, May 3, 2012

Full Body Quick Set...


Holy jello arms. I just killed the gym and I am loving it... my arms on the other hand... they are not to fond at the moment.

I wanted to lift and I wanted to get in a great workout but I did not want to be there all night. I had already run this morning and done some Tabata/HIIT type exercises this morning so this was officially workout numero due!

I am not going to bore you with my entire workout... just the first set :o) It was going to be my warm up but ended up killing me from the beginning, and trust me I am not complaining.

All you need is:
and possibly a towel because you will be sweating from the get go!

So get ready to use your arms, legs, arms, back, hair.... well maybe not the last but you will be working your whole body.

I use the bosu blue side down. Its a bit more challenging and works best for what I like. Feel free to make yourself comfortable

                               **you can omit the Bosu if you are not comfortable but you will not work your core as much**
Do not rest between exercises. Go right from squats to dead lifts to pushups. Rest 30sec between set Max rest time 45sec. The lack of rest is what is going to make your muscles hate you while you are working but love you in the end! :o)

This was not my entire workout but it can be if you are tight on time.

Ciao and Jello Arms


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