Sunday, May 20, 2012

Food Prep and 30 Day Challenge V14


So it has been a pretty busy day for me. Brian had Drill all weekend so early morning alarms set and breakfast made, he head to base I wallow in the fact that I will not be going back to sleep. So I made use of my time today. Brian left the house by 5:30am and I headed upstairs for some much need couponing. Ya thats right I coupon....

After I got done cleaning out the binder, cutting, and printing new coupons I started on task #2... Grading papers. I had an embarrassing abundance of ungraded HW and tests shoved in my super cute TraderJoes bag that i was tempted to just throw in my recycling bin. BUT I DIDNT.

Next venture... FOOD PREP. Now I am a huge fan of prepping as much food in advance for the week as I possible can. After couponing, and grading I headed down to the kitchen and made a batch of Oatmeal Cookie cakes (recipe below) and Mango Strawberry Chia Muffins. Chicken is thawing out and I am off to the store soon to finish picking up this weeks clean munchies.

Here are the food prep rules I live by...

1. Prep as many breakfasts as possible so I can still eat super clean, home cooked meals but the most I have to spend on "cooking" is 10 min at most. I like to pick things that stay well for a few days... chia muffins, protein pancake mix (just turn on the burner and spoon onto pans), overnight oats, egg muffins...

 Chia Muffins (recipe coming soon)
2. Snacks are my key to eating healthy all day and not just when I am home to cook. Packing enough snacks to power you through the day without having to deal with a crash later on. Trail mix, Oatmeal Cookie Cakes...
3. Dinner: Now I don't do to much prep for dinner because I love to come home and destress while I am cooking. My dinner Prep mostly includes planning what is on the menu for the week.  

Prepping and planning food/meals in advance means I am less likely to grab for something unhealthy during the day. I have no excuses if my fridge is stocked.

Question: What is your favorite thing to prep for the week? Mine is protein pancake mix...

Today's Challenge is 4 exercises in 4 minutes... check it out


Do all 4 exercises as many times as you can until 4 minutes is up.
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Your Challenge: Is only 1 circuit... but by all means DO MORE if you want :o)

When You finish let me know using #fitpossible30day


Ciao and Sunday Funday


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