Friday, May 18, 2012

Who loves PLANK DAY? 30 Day Challenge V12

*Warning self brag about to happen*

Before I get started with today's challenge I would like to give myself some props. I started this challenge to help push myself (and others) to a new level and get ready for some special events I have starting in June. I know it's only one exercise to add in daily but it has started something even more for me.

Brian has had to be out of the house at 5am everyday. This means our normal 6am breakfast sit down has been moved to 4:45am. Which means 4:30am wake up calls and for me that means being up the rest of the day. ( I don't do naps) So I have decided why not fit in some more workouts if I am already up. So I have been getting up and moving early and I am starting to love it. Along with adding my challenges I have begun to add runs in the morning (which is a big deal for me... I am not a runner)  or pull ups and pushups... This makes me smile.

Ok I guess I can stop my little self brag for now
 Here is a look back at what we have done so far..if you are just joining us feel free to jump right in or go back an check out all of week ones challenges
Day 1  Day 2  Day 3  Day 4  Day 5  Day 6  Day 7   Day 8  Day 9  Day 10  Day 11   

So this brings me to the title. We will be working some core with some fun filled planks... with a little added fun of course.


This will work your whole core with a slight focus on your obliques... no muffin top here ladies and gents!!!
Your Challenge: 25 each side

 Start in a regular high plank position. Without twisting your body bring your knee to elbow (same side of body) Make sure to keep your abs engaged at all times, this will maximize core work and leave your stomach feeling flatter all the way around.

 The next exercise will work multiple parts of your body including glutes, core, shoulders....
On DAY 7 (check out the details here) your challenge was a basic donkey kick. We are in week 2 now so there is nothing basic about it anymore. I bring you...

Balance Donkey Kicks

To start get into a regular donkey kick position. Bring toes underneath and lift knees off of the ground (don't you love how Taz has been joining our exercises lately)
Lift right leg up, engage core; using your left foot and upper body to balance. This is where the shoulder and core work come in.
Lift right leg up (just like in a regular donkey kick) to engage the glute muscles. Your challenge: 25 balance donkey kicks each side

Question: What is your BRAG this week?

Ciao and early morning love


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