Friday, May 4, 2012

Why I Love HIIT! (high intensity interval training)

No Sleep... Check
Rough Morning... Check
Shitty Day... Check
Lack of Energy... Check
Laces tied up... Check.. wait what!?

Today was a day from hell and by the time I got home I did not want to do anything, by anything I mean wanted to sit my ass on the couch, eat snacks and sleep. However I knew by the time 8pm hit I would hate myself for lack of movement and motivation.

Enter HIIT run here!

What is HIIT you may ask... well lucky for you I know how to use Wikipedia very well and I am able to answer this question... BAHAHA j/k

Enter Science Lesson Here: 

High Intensity Interval Training AKA HIIT- an exercise that alternates periods of short INTENSE anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. HIIT can lasts anywhere from 10-25 minutes. HIIT provides athletic conditioning, and improved fat burning along with glucose metabolism.   

So after a few min. of being a baby and having a snack I decided to lace up my tennis shoes and hit the pavement. I choose different landmarks around the neighborhood to gauge my High Intense  moments, and my rests and I got it done. Sprints followed by short recovery periods.

So what makes me love this type of workout? Easy! It's short, it's effective and now I will not hate myself by 8pm tonight. With the sprints followed by brief recovery periods I actually ended up going further then I had originally planned. Although it wasn't a crazy intense workout I feel much better and my stress has been decreased just a tad.

So next time you feel like crap or you are short on time. HIIT it up and feel much better

Ciao and an HIIT RUN,



  1. You couldnt be more right Alexis

    Love all kinds of HIIT program out there weather its TABATA, Burst or Surge training. I keep shifting my workouts among these three, works great for me. HIIT is the best way to loose weight and tone up simultaneously in a short period of time.