Friday, May 11, 2012

30 day Challenge V5

I hope you enjoyed your little leg break yesterday while you focused on abs! I had a HORRIBLE day at work but came home and knocked out a workout, went for a run with the man and then we both knocked out the 6 sets of 6 inches.

After all that I took some wonderful pictures to go with todays workout... however here was one problem... which left Brian and I laughing our asses off for a few min. I did a pretty intense cardio/plyo workout for 45min then went running in 90 degree weather. Needless to say I was quit sweaty... EVERYWHERE

So when we looked at the pictures the amount of "crouch sweet" as Brian so politely referred to it ( I used different words HAHA) was over whelming and because he loves me and didn't want my photo to find Daniel Tosh and making it on the show BAHAHA so with a quick wardrobe change and less sweet I can now share my photos with you :o)

So after all that TMI aren't you super stoked to get your 2 exercises for the day?

Time to get the upper body involved!

Try to do regular push ups but if you are not up to it modified will also suffice. Your challenge: 25 regular pushups

*Make sure to keep your back nice and straight, don't let your hips dip.


I prefer to do anything in my power to prevent love handles and this is one of my go to exercises that leaves my obliques feeling like they go some work.

Lay on one side and bring leg and elbow up to meet in the middle. Your Challenge: 25 Oblique leg lifts each side.

I started this challenge to help give me that little extra push before summer... who doesn't like looking good for summer... I know I do. So I hope these few exercises are motivating you to push just a little harder. I have been getting in a lot of 2 a days and kicked up my clean eating another notch. I will post some of the recipes as we go. (until then check out the recipe tab to get some ideas)

Tonight I have a sweet tooth and I decided to have some dessert... don't judge, it's about as clean as you can get...
Freshly juiced apples, sweet potato and grapes. Yep you can juice a sweet potato. This juice is so delish, and super sweet without adding anything to it! If you don't own a juicer I highly suggest investing. Mine is probably 20 years old from my dad but it still works and I love creating new juice combos.

Anyways... I gave you TMI and a lot of info on juicing haha I will leave you now to work it.

Ciao and fresh juice


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