Thursday, May 24, 2012

Is that your lunch? (30 day challenge V17)

I hope everyone has been having a great week so far... I am not quite sure about anyone else but I am so ready for it to be over! I haven't had a bad week just exhausting. Yesterday was the worst, up at 4:30am work from 7:15am until 9:45pm. Needless to say when I got home I was hungry and tired. Tired won out and in bed I went.

In case you are unaware I am a teacher. I have had the "joy" lol of teaching today's youth. In doing that I have a first hand look at what these kids are eating for lunch... if it can even be called that. Between cafeteria food and lunchables I am brought to a state of disgust almost everyday!

Instead of Veggies or Fruit there are chips and cookies. Even the kids who receive free lunch bring an entire bag of chips to snack on. Instead of a sandwich (which is debatable on the health spectrum) they bring in chicken nuggets, left over McDonalds, Lunchables... 

We as educators try to take what little time we have to teach the kids about nutrition but more times then none all of that education on food is left inside the 4 walls of the classroom. I try my best to teach them through example. I eat 7 times a day and I eat in front of my kids. They know I don;t eat certain things and it is adorable to hear them..." You know she doesn't eat that... she is healthy" haha. So the knowledge is there, but the execution at home is poor.

I started a snack lesson in my class that I hope will at least stick with my students way after they leave me. My students see me eat all the time so it is not fair for me to not allow them to eat in the classroom. So they can eat anytime they want with one stipulation: they can eat fruits and veggies and nothing else. No cookies, no chips, no candy... just good, from the ground (or tree) fruits and veggies.

It takes them a while to get used to me "dictating" what they can and cannot eat IN MY CLASS ( I can't say anything in the lunch room) but it usually ends well. Last year I ended up having a little girl bring in whole peppers and snack on them all day. Another one brings apples or oranges everyday and enjoys it before we go to lunch.

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I feel like this picture sums up what I probably look like in my class haha " NO, YOU CAN NOT EAT THAT IN HERE!!!" haha. Now only if I could bring the parents in and teach them the values of nutrition so that maybe one day instead of a bag of chips for snack they bring in a bag of carrots... ONE DAY!!!!

Ok now that I have ranted here is today's challenge tehe


Today's challenge is Dips. Nothing more nothing less just good old fashion dips... well maybe not :o)

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Your Challenge: 40 regular dips 20 single leg dips (both sides) = 80 dips total.
Are you up for the challenge?

QUESTION: What is one important health or nutrition fact you thinks kids need to learn at an early age?

Ciao from the snack Nazi


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  1. Well done!! Keep sharing the good "healthly" word. One day it will catch on. At minimum, you certainly left an inpact on their lives. They will always remember you as their "fit" teacher. When its time for them to make their own choices...they will remember...{hopefully}!!