Saturday, May 5, 2012

30 day Fit Challenge. V2

Welcome back for day 2 of the FitPossible 30 day challenge.

If you are just joining us Check out Day 1  to catch up on the ins and outs of the challenge.
You can jump ion the challenge at anytime! 

Today your challenge includes lunges and power knees.


It is very important to keep proper form while you do lunges.
Your challenge includes 25 lunges on each leg.


Power Knee

Your power knee challenge is 25 each side. Make sure to hold in your stomach muscles while you do your sets. I love the way my entire stomach feels after I have finished my power knees.

You can always split up the exercises or do them all at once. Remember I just give you the exercises you choose how you want to execute them.

Day two Entries:
1. Tweet: @fitpossible @AlexisNP86 I just completed day 2 of #fitpossible30day
2.Leave a comment on Fitpossible facebook: I just completed day two of  fitpossible 30 day challenge!
3. Leave a comment on this post.

Ciao and ab love,



  1. i completed the 50 squats :)

  2. I completed my 50 lunges and 50 power knees. Love this challenge!! Something fun to do. I plan on incorporating yesterdays, todays and tomorrows after my run at lunch!! Taking it outside! :)

  3. I completed the 50 power knees, I did 50 squats vs lunges, knee was not up for lunges :)